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Have you often struggled with poor choices of words, awkward sentence constructions, questionable grammar or creative spelling in your documents and presentations? Ever wondered why employers don't give your resume enough notice?

If you have, we are here to help!

Such typographical and grammatical errors can cost you time, money, clients or the job you want. More than that, they also spoil your professional image. All these can be eliminated when you seek out your best friend, the professional editor, proofreader or resume consultant!

You may have heard people say that your word processing software's Spell Checker may be enough to help you get by but unfortunately, there is only so much that it can do. Yes, it can check through your document but it certainly cannot help you eliminate all those hidden mistakes and gaffes. For instance, your Spell Checker will not know the difference between two, to and too; way and weigh; or basis and bases. Your Spell Checker will not even distinguish between manager and manger, and you know how embarrassing it can be in your resume!

Today's world - whether in business, entertainment, academic or professional - demands excellence in written communication. It is often the first step towards introducing yourself to new opportunities. In order to maintain your professional credibility and improve your overall impression, your work should be free from typographical problems. If you do not have someone to handle your proofreading, editing or resume needs, we are here to help.  

  • We Edit and Proofread Electronic Media
    This includes books, journals, project papers, research papers, manuals, brochures, flyers and news
    articles. We also handle your important website content, e-books, PowerPoint presentations and email correspondences.
  • We Provide Consultancy on Your Resume
    We look through your present resume and advise you on tightening it up to present your strengths to
    prospective employers.
  • Our Assurance of Complete Confidentiality
    Naturally in this type of work, we assure you that every document and correspondence will be kept
    completely private and confidential. For businesses, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement if so

Make sure your documents and presentations are checked for accuracy before you show them to the public! Contact ProActiveEssentials today!