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Editorial Rates

Our fees are based on the number of pages that are submitted to us for proofreading or editing. As your document may have been prepared with different font types or font sizes, we adopt the industry standard of 250 words to the page. To determine the number of pages, use your word processing software to count the number of words in the document and then divide the number by 250. Please note that we only work with Microsoft Word files (.doc or .docx).

Normal turnaround time is between three and five working days from the date we receive your document by email and would depend on the amount of work involved. We shall also return the proofread or edited work by email. We may agree to accept urgent jobs on a case-by-case basis but this will incur some extra loading cost to you. All rates are quoted in United State Dollars. For urgent jobs, please add an additional 50 percent to the fee.

Package A (Simple Proofreading and Editing)
A special package for students and undergraduates who are working towards their first degree. If your work requires us to proofread and correct your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, our rate is USD5 per page, subject to a minimum fee of USD10.

Package B (Regular Proofreading and Editing)
This package is tailored to working adults. If your work requires us to proofread and correct your spelling mistakes, typographical errors, punctuation and awkward grammar, our rate is USD10 per page, subject to a minimum fee of USD20.

Package C (Deep Proofreading and Editing)
If your work requires an extensive rewrite or a more complicated edit, please email us here and we shall be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Package D (Business Proofreading and Editing)
We are happy to work with any company that requires our services on a long-term basis to edit and proofread their critical documents. Please email us here and we shall be happy to discuss the collaboration with you.

Package E (Resume Consultation)
If you are a fresh graduate or a junior executive, our rate to review your resume is a fixed USD25 per resume. If you are a senior executive or a manager, our rate is USD50 per resume. If you need us to give your resume a complete makeover, our rate is a minimum USD200 per resume.

Submission Methods

  • For Packages A, B and E, please attach your document or resume when you email us at ProActiveEssentials. We shall reply within 24 hours with instructions on how you can pay us. Please remember to type "Package A" or "Package B" or "Package E" in the Subject field of your email.
  • For Packages C and D, please contact us at ProActiveEssentials and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Payment Methods

We accept payments via credit cards through PalPal. Please let us know and we shall send you an emailed invoice with the payment instructions. As an alternative for clients in Malaysia, we also accept direct transfer payments into our bank accounts with Maybank, CIMB Bank or Public Bank. We regret to advise that work on a project can only begin when a payment is confirmed. For inquiries, please contact ProActiveEssentials !