Getting wedded

I have mixed feelings whenever I received a wedding invitation. Some are downright boring and loud, especially if the “entertainment” is all noise, noise, noise in the guise of music.

But there are also beautiful experiences, especially if there is something new or worthwhile to see or hear. In my son’s case, to eat. :-)

Like last Sunday. It is very rare that my family is invited to an Indian friend’s wedding so we made the most of enjoying the splendour of the occasion. The ceremony was elaborate and colourful, and we were served a wide array of delicious vegetarian dishes.

I suppose there will be more weddings to come in the months ahead.

The Chinese generally do not wish to marry during the Chinese seventh moon — the month of the hungry ghosts — and there is an extended seventh month this year too.

But we are less than two weeks from the Chinese eighth month. That’s when wedding celebrations will begin to run riot again for another three months or so.

Weddings bring together two people of different personalities and different background. It is no longer a matter of I or me but now we and us. The reality is that two individuals now have to look and behave as one item.

But a life partnership does not survive on love and fresh air alone. Financial planning is important to enable anyone, especially families and married couples, to prosper through a long-term process.

Financial planning covers a lot of our daily lives and applies to people of all ages — from newlyweds to matured couples.

I’m sure sooner or later, you will be exposed to financial planning concepts like creation, protection and accumulation.

However, there is distribution too. It is not a new concept. Lawyers have been writing Wills and creating Trusts for ages but there are now alternatives.

If you want to plan your wealth distribution, you can have an experienced estate planner come to see you in your house.

And especially if you are newly married, you will need one to advise you properly.

You see, if you had a Will drawn up before your marriage, chances are very great that you will need to rewrite. Wills are generally invalidated through marriage unless you have provided specifically for this.

It is not everybody who has the foresight to write a Will before he gets married. If you have one, I congratulate you. But please do seek out your estate planner to confirm its validity now that you are married.

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