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Lost another friend – Ng Kean Beng (1957-2007)

I’m all flustered up this morning. My wife received an SMS saying a friend has succumbed to cancer. Our second friend in 12 days. Kean Beng was our ex-colleague from the old Ban Hin Lee Bank days. I got to … Continue reading

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Avoiding job scams

Scam. The very word spells danger, unease, regret among people who have fallen victims to scam artists. Everytime I hear this word, I keep thinking about the illegal pyramid schemes that cheat people out of their money. I also keep … Continue reading

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Pieces come together

LAST weekend was unusually busy for me. I had hoped to spend my time in quiet enjoyment over a few games of chess at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) team tournament but some last-minute developments dictated otherwise. So, if you … Continue reading

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Going global Malaysia – Update (Jan 2007)

Here is a comparison of the top 10 largest investment holdings for each of the three global property funds available here in Malaysia: ING Global Real Estate Fund (31 Dec 2006) (Source: ING Funds Distributor, LLC) * Land Securities Group … Continue reading

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Make MUET count

About two weeks ago, I was at a local university to discuss a project with them. Our conversation turned to the proficiency of the English language among the new student intakes. The lecturers I was in discussion with said that … Continue reading

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It’s now a RM40 billion problem

I had been out of the house the whole of today and have only just managed to switch on my laptop to catch up on my on-line news. Surfing to the New Straits Times website, what do I see as … Continue reading

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Lost a friend – Capt Ng Beng Beng (1953-2007)

It was not an easy weekend for me. You see, one of my old school friends – one whom I’ve known since primary school days – passed away. Beng, our macho sea-faring ex-captain, fought a hard fight against the Big … Continue reading

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Embracing change

WHEN I wrote three weeks ago on the challenges that local chess coaches will face from organisations that are able to bring in qualified foreign coaches, I was prepared for criticism. Sure enough, some of the local coaches were outraged. … Continue reading

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Pushing beyond 1,100?

Happy New Year! I wonder what the New Year will bring to investors in Malaysia. Q4 2006 had brought a lot of cheer to investors with the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index crossing the 1,000 points on 7 Nov 2006 and … Continue reading

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