Certain of contest

It’s confirmed that Nina Wang’s US$4.2 billion fortune has been willed to her former feng shui master, Tony Chan, or to use his full name, Chan Chun-Chuen.

According to Nina’s lawyer, Jonathan Midgley, she had named Chan as her beneficiary because he understood her personal and business philosophies. Chan is a 48-year-old married businessman with mainly property interests. He went to medical school in Canada but has never practised in his native Hong Kong. He used to give advice on feng shui to Nina but this is now just a hobby with him.

So, the stage is now set for a big, protracted court battle between Chan and Nina’s relatives. Even as her lavish funeral was held on Wednesday, her relatives had lodged an application to the courts a day later to claim their right to the inheritance.

Reports said that Nina had written two Wills. There was one in July 2002 that left much of her wealth to Chinachem Charity Trust. But a new Will drafted in October 2006 passed everything to Chan.

Meanwhile, an interesting expose on Chan has appeared in the Telegraph on-line newspaper.

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