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Winds of change

Winds of change are blowing in the direction of the Malaysian Chess Federation. SOMETHING is brewing this weekend in Kuala Lumpur and it will not only be the national closed championships. The Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) has been preparing for … Continue reading

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Family affair

I DIDN’T mention it last week but women chess players in the country should also get themselves ready to play in the national women’s closed chess championship which starts off at the same time as the national closed itself. Women … Continue reading

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Banning heavy vehicles from bridge not a solution!

Lately, there have a lot of talk again in the newspapers about the proposal to ban heavy commercial vehicles – lorries and trailers – from using the Penang Bridge during peak hours in the morning and afternoon. The reason for … Continue reading

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Penang Sentral, Penang Bridge

Ever since the General Elections in March and the Penang state government taken over by the Pakatan Rakyat, there have too much being said in public over the Federal Government-Penang Government cooperation. The implementation of the NCER remains a bone … Continue reading

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Tourney back in KL

I RECEIVED a call from the Malaysian Chess Federation secretary earlier this week. “Seng Sun, great report on the Selangor open tournament,” said Hamid Majid. Before I could begin to feel smug, he continued: “Now, you have to top that … Continue reading

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Graduates of overseas universities fair better in salary scale

A study conducted by about a year ago revealed that of their 100,000-plus members in Malaysia who hold a Bachelor degree and are currently working in the country, graduates from overseas universities on average earn about 12 percent more … Continue reading

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Back for more

LAST week, I was looking through the list of chess players at the 35th Royal Selangor open tournament and I thought to myself that this could quite possibly be one of the strongest local events ever organised.Any event that can … Continue reading

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Crude oil to touch US$160 per barrel?

It’s in today’s mainstream media that the price of crude oil jumped to a record all-time high of US$120 a barrel yesterday due to a weaker US Dollar and supply concerns. Supply concerns are not surprising because I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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The Nation: The eight golden rules (of financial planning)

Very good advice from an article that appeared yesterday in Thailand’s The Nation newspaper, written by JiwamolKanoksilp. It is a “must read” for people who are interested in personal financial planning: Wealth managers offer advice on saving for a comfortable … Continue reading

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Grand prix

I REALLY don’t want to steal any limelight from the on-going 35th Royal Selangor open tournament but I’d like to devote much of this week’s story to an interesting event that’s now being played in Baku: the first leg of … Continue reading

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