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RM120,000 good only for basic needs

The average worker in Malaysia would have an estimated RM120,000 in his savings with the Employee Provident Fund by the time he reaches 55. According to the deputy finance minister, Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, this would give him a monthly return … Continue reading

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SMEs urged to ready for economic challenges ahead

This report is extracted from The Star today (28 July 2008). Interesting reading: Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country should focus on domestic demand to help the country counter slowdown in external demand, according to Penang Chief Minister … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s 7.7 percent inflation rate

We’re seeing the inflation rate shooting through the roof in June 2008 due to the increased fuel prices and it’s spin-off effects. Foreign news wires have begun picking up the news and here’s how the Associated Press has reported it … Continue reading

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The player to watch

I RECEIVED an e-mail last Sunday from an old friend in London who told me that the Biel Chess Festival was now going on in Switzerland and that I should check it out if I was interested in following the … Continue reading

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REIT growth held back by (lack of) incentives

This article by TonyCHGoh is extracted from The Edge online edition on 21 July 2008: KUALA LUMPUR: Although most real estate investment trust (REIT) valuations are relatively cheap now, declining well below their current net asset value (NAV) per unit … Continue reading

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Penang Bridge cover-up raised at State Assembly

Last November, I blogged about the cracks on the Penang Bridge, how the previous state public works committee chairman had admitted to the cracks in several locations along the bridge and how one week earlier the previous Chief Minister had … Continue reading

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EPF warns of new scam

There is a new scam in town, according to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). Unlike past scams where members submitted forged documents to facilitate the approval of withdrawals for education, house and health, this new one involves real documents. A … Continue reading

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Chess fests

There are tournaments galore for every skill level. WHOA, not so fast, I cautioned my friend, who’s so enthusiastic about chess that he would jump off the deep end at any time just for a game. He had decided that … Continue reading

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Past greats

It is important to recognise the past champions who have elevated chess standards to where they are today. KIESERITZKY, Staunton, Capablanca … do any of these names ring a bell? No? You are not alone. About two years ago, I … Continue reading

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Insurance and EPF: the Malaysian experience

I was reading a well-written article by Zainah Anwar in The Sunday Star yesterday on the inequalities of the laws in Malaysia with regard to the rights of the Muslim and non-Muslim women population. I could sense her outrage in … Continue reading

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