Try safeguarding your job

Surely, you need to safeguard your current job during these trying times? A job’s not lost until it is lost. So here are three tips from Marcel R Parker, Chairman of IKYA Human Solutions in India, on how to help yourself by not losing this current job of yours.

  • First, under-promise and over-deliver. “Walk that extra mile for the organisation with a smile as though your life depended on it,” he says. “You are bound to get noticed for your attitude.” So, start by sticking to your targets and deadlines consistently.
  • Next, get proactive. Volunteer for new tasks and new responsibilities, no matter how mundane. Ask yourself, he says, whether you can add value to yourself and your organisation by doing these tasks. If your answer is yes, do it!
  • Finally, get stingy. Try and find ways to save and reduce wasteful expenditure no matter how silly they may seem. This demonstrates concern for the organisation in hard times. For example, conserving energy, printing only what is essential, recycling water etc may seem petty but these costs if well managed can have huge saving potential.
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