My association with Rockwills Corporation

There are people who ask me how long I have been associated with Rockwills, the pioneering Will-writing company in Malaysia and they were surprised that both Rockwills and I go back a very long way. To be exact, 1995.

incidentally, that was the year that Rockwills was established. At that time, I was still with Ban Hin Lee Bank (or to use their more stylised name, BHL Bank). It was a few years after theĀ  bank had been listed publicly on the Bursa Malaysia and it wanted to pursue new approaches to modern banking. Financial services had been identified as the services of the future so the bank plunged headlong into offering investment services and will-writing services.

For the will-writing services, the bank tied up with a new start-up company named Rockwills Corporation Sdn Bhd. Its chairman then, and still the chairman today, is Johari Low.

Rockwills came to the bank, gave its presentation to selected head office staff, and announced the collaboration where the bank’s branches would be at the front line to market will-writing services to their customers.

As I sat at the back of the room absorbing in all the information, I never realised that soon, I would be so closely associated with them. For starters, the job was given to my unit (sort of like a little department in the bank’s head office) to prepare the operations manual for this service.

For several weeks, my staff and I poured over Rockwills’ own operations manual, we talked and discussed matters and finally came out with the bank’s operations manual for the branches. It was during this process that I got to realise how much a Will can help people in need of services to unlock their loved ones’ estate after they had departed.

Of course, preparing the operations manual wasn’t a one-off activity for my unit. By its very nature, bank operations must change to accommodate the changing environment. So as the branches came back to us with problems and questions on the will-writing service, we had to go back to Rockwills for solutions and incorporate them into our own procedures. Personally, it was a good learning process for me.

But I never realised then how eventually, my understanding and believe in this service would lead me to become a will-writer myself.

In 2000, I took the step to immerse myself fully into it and approached Rockwills as one of their will-writers. I’m glad that I did because my conviction still holds true: that there are many people who really need this service and I should be doing this to help as many of them as possible, in my own way. It was never solely about money in the first place, and it is still never solely about money now.

So right now, when people ask me how long I have been in this will-writing business, I can confidently tell them that my association with Rockwills goes back to 1995. This year is 2011, which means that it has been 16 long years of which I have been writing Wills for people for 11 years.

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