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Snippet: Strengthen your personal network

How can you strengthen your personal network? Simple. Try joining professional organisations or attending industry conferences. The more people you meet and who become aware of your strengths and abilities, the better are your chances of hearing about any new … Continue reading

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Dying without a Will

Here’s a story from New Zealand about a parent’s agony to withdraw the money from their deceased son’s bank account. It was a long procedure culminating in them having to get a statutory declaration. Question: Do we need to go … Continue reading

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Counting your blessings

Do you remember the story of a man who complained he had no shoes until he saw a man with no legs? Only then did the able-bodied man appreciate what he had and stopped all his complaints! I’ve a similar … Continue reading

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Snippet: what if nobody watches you?

Sital Ruparelia, the founder of¬†6 Figure Career Management, once suggested some questions for you to ponder: If you were locked in a big bookstore overnight with all the security cameras switched off and no one looking, which section of the … Continue reading

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Inheritance scam

I was going through the Spam folder of my email account today, planning to delete all the messages that had accumulated since 8 Oct, and was not particularly surprised to see more than 900 of them caught in the spam … Continue reading

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Snippets: Prioritise your details

You will generate a better response with your resume if it is well organised and packed with relevant information. Therefore, learn to give priority and list the most relevant academic, research, volunteer or work experience.¬†Secondly, include an Objective and Summary … Continue reading

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