What you should never do at interviews

I saw some thoroughly good advice for job seekers in the local newspapers today. The advice was taken from a book “Crazy Good Interviewing: How Acting A Little Crazy Can Get You The Job,” by John B Molidor and Barbara Parus.

The words of wisdom? Here goes: What you should NEVER do in a job interview:

  • Come into the interview room with compromised grooming. Even if that means brushing your teeth a second time that morning in the office bathroom. Tasteful, best business attire on, well-groomed, showered…
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer. Even if you think you get where they’re going and have the most outstanding answer ever to their question, this is one of the most annoying things you can do. Give them a chance to finish.
  • Don’t wear overpowering perfume or cologne. Generally, fragrances don’t belong in an interview, it’s not that kind of date. Worse, some people may be allergic.
  • Don’t listen to your iPod, play video games, make calls, etc, while waiting to be interviewed. Take care of all that before you come in the door of the building. Or, if you need to make important calls while you wait, ask if you may use a private area to do so. Watching someone dial their chums or play video games while waiting, leaves the impression the person will be doing that during their workday too.
  • Since you are there to present yourself as a capable, serious candidate, start your presentation from the moment you walk in. Impressions you leave will last well beyond the day of the interview. And you never know whom you run into on the elevator or even as you enter the building. After the interview, maintain your best interview demeanour until you are away from the building.

So there you have it; some pretty good advice on job interviews. Not on questions interviewers ask, but advice on how you should conduct yourself.

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