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  1. says:


    I have been investing in property related funds recently, one since it was April when it was launched and another just last month. Both have been doing very well compare to FD.

    Now I am considering to go into AM AsiaPacific property fund. Do you think they are comparable to ING and Hwang dbs property fund you have written. The AM global property fund launched last year has return of close to 30%, the AM asia Pac fund is also managed and feeder fund of henderson of UK.

    Hope to hear from you

  2. says:


    i just want ur opinion and suggestion.I am develping a few of properties and these are includings future private hospital and 3 star hotels. If want reit to take up my buildings,what is the procedure?

  3. says:

    Would a marriage automatically revoke my epf nomination the same way a will does??

  4. says:


    Recent news report on Amanh Sahan Cemilang from ASNB paying didvdend similar to ASM and wawasan but this is variable unit trust and uptake from non-bumiputra have been very poor as compare to ASM, what do think of this fund as compare to other unit trust in the market, and would you recommend non-bumi to go into it?

  5. says:

    My husband, who is a 58 yr old F&B professional, is currently looking to re-enter the job market after a year of semi-retirement. As his last CV was written 20 yrs ago, I realise with it, he will not get anywhere at all. Would you be able to write a more current one for him? Would you require an interview before proceeding further?
    Much thanks, Cynthia

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