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Jobless graduates a strain on taxpayers

An online news item in today’s The Malaysian Insider carried an interesting story on the plight of jobless graduates in the country. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — Bad work attitudes coupled with poor communication skills topped by unrealistic pay demands … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s new credit card rules

Finally, I see some initiatives taken by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to address credit card debt in Malaysia and rein in the commercial banks which have contributed much to cardholders’ financial misery! But personally, I feel that the steps are … Continue reading

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Snippets: salary expectations

Salary expectations are not just based on paper qualification alone. The years of on-the-job experience counts a lot too. For example, a position may require a bachelor degree with two to three years of work experience but employers may decide … Continue reading

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Salary search

Most times after a successful job interview, you are hard put to propose a reasonable salary to the employer. If you ask too much, you may be pricing yourself out of the competition while if you ask too low, you … Continue reading

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Graduates of overseas universities fair better in salary scale

A study conducted by JobStreet.com about a year ago revealed that of their 100,000-plus members in Malaysia who hold a Bachelor degree and are currently working in the country, graduates from overseas universities on average earn about 12 percent more … Continue reading

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