With an acronym like YKK, you'd think that this website has everything to do with the ubiquitous zippers that you can find on almost every piece of modern clothing.

But no, this is not about zippers. YKK in this instance refers to the initials of an international speaker, trainer and innovation consultant who is not averse to calling himself a Chief Mind Unzipper. But more about this person later.

First, please ask yourself whether you have heard of the term Copycat Innovation. This is about adapting a proven solution to come out with an innovation. By so doing, risks are minimised and success will be optimised. In short, Copycat Innovation is about taking what works best and then improving on it.

Copycat Innovation is not about a full-scale imitation. It should not even be confused with copyright or patent infringement. Rather, it takes advantage of the research and development already carried out earlier and involves the borrowing and developing of existing products and technologies to carve a competitive niche in the marketplace.

If any organisation is serious about growing its competitiveness and positioning itself strategically in the marketplace, Copycat Innovation offers one of the best approaches to your organisation. Why? Because:
  • It has a low risk. You are adapting or refining a proven solution;
  • It is low-cost. The research and development work has already been done for you;
  • It requires minimal resources. You do not need massive efforts and resources; and
  • It is a short-route to commercialisation.
Still want to know more about this Copycat Innovation thingy? Then you should be interested to know that there will be a once-in-a-lifetime Copycat Innovation Workshop at the Eastin Hotel in Penang on 17 and 18 October 2011. This hotel is near the Queensbay Mall on the island.

The facilitator of this workshop is Dr Yew Kam Keong, a Malaysian who spends half his time in Australia. For your information, he prefers to be known as Dr YKK and he unabashedly terms himself as the Chief Mind Unzipper. YKK. Zipper. Unzipper. Get it? Now, if that isn't using a copycat idea to great innovative advantage, I don't know what is.

Dr YKK will lead the participants through his Copycat Innovation process in a fun, participative and stimulating way, and will help you to bring out viable and practical innovation for your organisation. A word of warning though – you may never think the same way again after attending his workshop!

Dr YKK is acknowledged as a Distinguished Talent on Creativity & Innovation by the Australian Government. He is a best-selling author and masterful storyteller, and an international speaker, trainer, and innovation consultant to governments, multinational corporations and SMEs. His book, You Are Creative, has been reprinted 12 times and published in five languages. He was the only person from among the British Commonwealth countries selected to serve on the pioneer panel of eight international creativity expert advisers in Lego's global project, The Next Generation Forum.

But actually, who should be the ones attending this workshop? According to the Penang Branch of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) which is bringing this programme to your doorstep in this part of the country, apart from company chief executive officers, managing directors and general managers, the workshop will be most relevant to managers who are in charge or involved with innovation, business development, new product development, marketing and branding.

For the Course Outline, please click here.

The fees for the two-day workshop are RM750 per participant from an FMM-member company and RM900 per participant from non-FMM member companies. The fees are inclusive of programme materials, and lunch and tea breaks at the Eastin. Moreover, the workshop is 100% HRDF claimable under the SBL Scheme.

Are you still keen to find out more about the Copycat Innovation Workshop? Then please drop an email to Kadaneswari, Owe Yean Roei or Lee Saw See at the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Penang Branch. The closing date for registration is 30 Sep 2011.

To download the Registration Form, please click here.