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I am guilty of procrastination. Are you too? I find that I let too many opportunities pass by me when I do not seize the moment. A very good example — buying cheap flights on the Internet. I log into … Continue reading

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Traffic planning: has it improved much?

Traffic during the past one week has been so very hectic here in Penang. It has been a while since I experienced such congestion on the island and it took a bit of streetwise knowledge to use the minor roads … Continue reading

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Mr Property Grandmaster

(My article on Datuk Tan Chin Nam first appeared in The Star newspaper on 17 Mar 2006, the eve of his 80th birthday. An updated version of this article will appear in the souvenir programme of this year’s third edition … Continue reading

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A RM471 million problem…

Do you know that the Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) has admitted to a RM471 million inheritance problem? They are the public trustee and custodian of this money but rest assured, ARB is not at fault. No dereliction of duty. Instead, … Continue reading

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It’s good to think of your parents, but …

Many years ago, when I was still working in the banking industry and very much a greenhorn in the field of Estate Planning, I had asked a friend whether he had given any thought to having his Will written. No, … Continue reading

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REITs … what’s that??

I haven’t been paying much attention to the presence of REITs in Malaysia but because there are now global property and real estate funds being introduced by Unit Trust companies here, perhaps it is the right time for me to … Continue reading

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Sober start to my blog

Well, it took me quite some time to begin writing something of substance on this blog. Let’s face it — writer’s block does strike when it is least expected. I had wanted to start off this blog on a cheery … Continue reading

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Hello, world!

Hi, my name’s Quah Seng-Sun. I am many things to many people but first of all, I am Husband to my wonderful wife, Saw See. We have shared our lives together since 1985, slowly maturing with an elder daughter Michelle … Continue reading

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