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Kramnik claws back

Vladimir Kramnik scores his first win of the world chess championship in the 10th game against Viswanathan Anand. WHEN I was writing this story a few days back, I was hoping for a decision in Bonn, Germany, where Viswanathan Anand … Continue reading

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Try safeguarding your job

Surely, you need to safeguard your current job during these trying times? A job’s not lost until it is lost. So here are three tips from Marcel R Parker, Chairman of IKYA Human Solutions in India, on how to help … Continue reading

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Global entrepreneur

Richard Branson. Who hasn’t heard of Richard Branson, the guy that went from the music business to the aviation business and somewhere in between, dabbled in lots of other business ventures. Branson has just published his latest book, called Business … Continue reading

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Coping with the laid-off blues

We are again living in interesting times. There are lots of uncertainties in the air as the global financial meltdown threatens to morph into a world-wide recession. Jobs are no longer that safe. If you are one who is faced … Continue reading

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Crash and burn

Vladimir Kramnik’s game plan at the world championship disintegrates. THERE’s a great deal of head scratching at the world chess championship between world champion Viswanathan Anand and former world champion Vladimir Kramnik in Bonn, Germany, where Kramnik’s chess game plan … Continue reading

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Pre-marriage money planning

I’m sure you have heard of it. Madonna and her beau, Guy Ritchie, have gone their separate ways after eight years of marriage. Divorced. And there’s a huge settlement in her ex-hubby’s favour. He’s reportedly walking away with assets worth … Continue reading

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Class of its own

The statistics may not excite but that’s the reality of top-level chess. ARE you well settled down in your chair? Good. If not for anything else, be settled down to enjoy one of the highlights of this year: the world … Continue reading

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A return to the traditional role of banks?

It’s a grim, grim, grim outlook for the world economy as it stands right now with banks failing everywhere and governments stepping in to salvage them by lowering interest rates and pumping money into their banking system. Australia, Japan, Germany, … Continue reading

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HR Minister warns Malaysians of Singapore job loss

As Singapore slips into a technical recession after registering two straight quarters of economic negative growth, Malaysian human resource minister S Subramaniam has warned Malaysians working in the island republic to be prepared should they lose their jobs. This is … Continue reading

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Singapore in recession

AFP reports that Singapore’s trade-sensitive economy has declined for a second straight quarter which means that the city-state has entered a recession for the first time in six years. Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry estimated that on a seasonally … Continue reading

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