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Hongkong court battle looms over Nina Wang’s Will

Come 16 Feb 2009, a spectacular and scandal-packed court battle is scheduled to start in Hongkong over the USD4.2 billion fortune of Asia’s richest woman, Nina Wang, who died aged 69 last year, leaving her money to an unknown feng … Continue reading

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Subprime primer for dummies

We’re still in the throes of the subprime crisis, no thanks to the ineptitude and greed of the U.S. financial industry. We’ve heard so much about the crisis but have we really understood it? This is not an attempt to … Continue reading

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Clearing the air

I RECEIVED a strong e-mail last week from the World Chess Federation (Fide) general secretary Ignatius Leong. The content that I’m reproducing below is self-explanatory. For clarity, the only bits I have left out include the excerpts he quoted from … Continue reading

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Financial education

Recently, I read through some comments from youths in Singapore regarding financial education. Here is a summary of these comments: “YOUTH here are clueless about investment. The most they know is that putting money in a bank earns more interest … Continue reading

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Signs still mixed about U.S. sub-prime recovery

WASHINGTON, US – A YEAR after a summer subprime crisis roiled markets and squeezed credit worldwide, analysts are looking for signs the worst is over for the troubled US housing market and banks that made risky bets on the sector. … Continue reading

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Queen control

Women chess players are a force to reckon with. I RECEIVED an e-mail during the weekend from a reader who signed himself off simply as Jefri. He was commenting on my coverage of the national chess closed championships which ended … Continue reading

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Anita Mui’s Will

According to newspaper reports from Hongkong, the late Cantopop diva Anita Mui Yim-fong’s mother has lost a legal battle to challenge her daughter’s will. Mui’s 84-year-old mother Tam Mei-kam had challenged the will which left her HK$70,000 (RM28,710) a month … Continue reading

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Effectively, there’s still a fuel subsidy

It’s almost two weeks since the increase at the fuel pumps. From RM1.92 per litre for 97-octane fuel pre-Jun 3, we are now paying an astonishing RM2.70 per litre for a petroleum-producing country. That’s what some detractors are telling us: … Continue reading

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Hallmark of champs

Champions are judged on their deeds and by their peers. WHEN I stepped into the Wilayah Complex in Kuala Lumpur two weeks ago, my anticipation was high. I was eager to see what kind of field the national closed chess … Continue reading

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Smooth transition

There is a new man at the helm of the Malaysian Chess Federation. THE transition went smoothly at the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF)’s annual general meeting last Sunday, and it was over within a minute. When nominations were called for … Continue reading

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