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Titles unified

THIRTEEN years ago, the chess crime of the century was committed. Gary Kasparov and Nigel Short committed an unthinkable crime when they hijacked the world championship match and took it outside of the World Chess Federation (Fide). Since that watershed … Continue reading

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Who’re your job references?

Job seekers are often faced with a dilemma when they write their resumes. Should they or shouldn’t they list their references in their resumes? I’ve been asked this so many times in my talks around the campuses in Malaysia. There … Continue reading

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Always a bullish stock market somewhere

For a long while, almost all Malaysian investors had only the opportunity to buy into the local stock market or local unit trust funds. But as I had mentioned elsewhere on my blog, the mantra now is to go global … Continue reading

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Ramadan wishes

Today is the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. This is the most sacred month in Islam and I am told it is regarded as holy because the Qur’an was first revealed during this month. This is the … Continue reading

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Writing it differently

Just the other day, I found out that very few people knows about a Thesaurus, let alone uses it. A great pity, because a Thesaurus is very useful. You may ask what exactly is a Thesaurus? It’s actually a reference … Continue reading

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Global this, global that

In the 1980s, soon after Dr Mahathir took over as Prime Minister, he thumbed his nose at the West and signalled a Look East policy, claiming that there was more to learn from and emulate the Japanese and South Koreans … Continue reading

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Raising the game

I HAVE been in the thick of this country’s chess movement since the early 1970s and yet when it comes to understanding the mind of local chess players, I am still perplexed. For instance, I have been hearing and reading … Continue reading

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Getting bedded

I have a rather sensitive subject to broach today. It is a subject that most people will prefer to keep silent and the less people that knows about it, the better. Hey… I’m referring to infidelity and illegitimacy. There are … Continue reading

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Getting wedded

I have mixed feelings whenever I received a wedding invitation. Some are downright boring and loud, especially if the “entertainment” is all noise, noise, noise in the guise of music. But there are also beautiful experiences, especially if there is … Continue reading

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Trust ‘em

Have you every wondered about the role of the Trust Corporations in Malaysia and what they do? There are quite a number of them and all are registered under the Trust Companies Act 1949. I do not propose to go … Continue reading

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