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Financially, Malaysia’s debts are on shaky ground

I had attended this public talk by Cheah Cheng Hye of Value Partners yesterday at the Wawasan Open University in George Town. He sounded an ominous financial warning for Malaysia, saying that the Malaysian government debt against GDP is at … Continue reading

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The civil service in Greece

A not-so-amusing analysis from the BBC Online: On Planet Greece, some civil servants get a bonus for turning up to work on time. Foresters get a bonus for working outdoors. At least they show up. There are civil servants called … Continue reading

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Commercial real estate to go bust next?

Looks like there is an alert out for the collapse of the Commercial Real Estate market in the United States if this article in The Wall Street Journal on Monday is anything to go by: Federal Reserve and Treasury officials … Continue reading

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Endangered species

According to this news item in The Washington Post on 16 July 2009, the once-trendy Crocs could be on their last legs: The colorful foam clogs appeared in 2002, just as the country was recovering from a recession. Brash and … Continue reading

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Is Greenspan to blame?

Nobody asked me for my opinion so I suppose I’ve to reproduce someone else’s. Here is an interesting question: who would you finger for the financial crisis that swept through the world in the past few years? The answer: Alan … Continue reading

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US unemployment fuelling recovery

A Reuters report from Washington today suggested that the strongest sign as appeared to show that the recession in the United States is diminishing. According to the report, even as the unemployment rate there had hit its highest level in … Continue reading

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Malaysians now more averse to higher risk investment products

Here is an interesting story that appeared in today’s issue of The Business Times in Singapore. It’s saying that owing to the global financial crisis Malaysians appear to be the most averse among Asians to higher risk investment products. They … Continue reading

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Despair as economic woes sink in

This is an article from The Malaysian Insider, itself reproduced from a report from The Straits Times in Singapore. It talks about the effects of the global economic crisis on Malaysia and how it has hurt the common man in … Continue reading

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Recession affecting families in United States, United Kingdom

According to The Independent newspaper in England, many couples there are heading to the divorce court as the country there heads deeper into recession. Unprecedented numbers of men who have either been made redundant, or fear their jobs may go, … Continue reading

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Asian economies are reeling from global fall-out

An AFP story from Beijing says that Asia’s major economies reported a slew of gloomy news on Thursday showing the global crisis was hitting harder, as export-dependent nations feel the pinch from the worldwide slowdown: China’s economy slowed sharply in … Continue reading

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