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Head start

EVERY year, whenever the national age group chess championship comes on my radar screen, I feel a slight tinge of regret that I never started playing chess at a younger age. I only took it up in Form Three – … Continue reading

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Was Nina Wang too ill to write her will?

The charitable foundation established by Nina Wang, the Hong Kong tycoon, fired its first shot in the battle for her $3.9bn (€2.6bn, £2bn) estate on Friday, taking aim at a reclusive businessman who also claims to be her heir.The Chinachem … Continue reading

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Grand quest

DO YOU know that in the early 1990s – I believe it could be sometime between 1992 and 1994 – there was a Chess Palace in Malaysia? Well, it was not exactly a palace in the real sense of the … Continue reading

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Fatter postmen for Australia?

Would you know that in Australia, there is a maximum weight limit to their postmen and women? According to present regulations, these people who deliver letters – the Aussies call them posties – cannot be more than 90kg or otherwise … Continue reading

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Singapore abolish estate duty

Singapore has abolished Estate Tax, inherited during the British era, with immediate effect (15 Feb 2008). The move is set to encourage Singapore to become an attractive wealth-management centre for building up wealth by Singaporeans and foreigners. In his budget … Continue reading

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Board meetings

IN MY 27 years of writing about chess, I’ve had many people – mainly non-chess players – asking me what is there in chess that continues to fascinate me. It is actually a difficult question to answer. There are so … Continue reading

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Asia not immuned to US slowdown

This is an excerpt from a report by the BBC on its website last Friday (8 Feb 2008): Wider problems Meanwhile, China, India and other East and South East Asian economies have experienced break-neck growth over the past few years … Continue reading

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More destinations for Firefly

It has been reported by Bernama that FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd, better known as Firefly, will take delivery of five ATR 72 aircraft in July this year. With the acquisition of the five planes, Firefly will add several new international destinations, … Continue reading

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EPF lowers investment withdrawal threshold

The second of new initiatives introduced by the Employment Provident Fund (EPF) on 1 Feb 2008 will see a lowering of the Account 1 investment withdrawal threshold. This move is expected to result in a significant flow of capital into … Continue reading

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